The Lebanon Bakery
Menu Highlights

 Offering only the finest quality baked goods 
since 1959

Humus, Taboule, Babaganouge,
Olives with Pita
Grape Leave Rolls, Feta,
Olives, Tomato with Pita
Falafil, Humas, Tzatziki, Tomato
and Vegatarian Grape Leaves with Pita
Lebanese Salad
Greek Salad
Green Beans & Sirloin
Over Rice Pilaf with Pita
Baked Kibby Platter
Chicken & Lebanese Rice with Pita
Beef Faccacia
Spinach Foccacia
Lebanese Pizza
Greek Pizza
Spinach Pie with a side of Taboule Salad
Meat Pie with a side of Lebanese Salad

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